Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Alright.. Well I read this series just because I was reading Kelley Armstrong's Darkness Rising series and in the last book Derek, Simon, and Chloe show up and I was like well who the hell are you... And that just drives me crazy so I have read this whole series in a day and a half so I can finish The Rising tomorrow fulling aware of who all the characters are.

I feel like I defiantly should have read this series before the Darkness Rising, but I wasn't aware of it.  I kind of stumbled on The Gathering and just went with it with out reading what it was about but I defiantly wish I read this series first... It would not have made a HUGE difference but it would have given a little bit more of a background on the experiments and the different races.  That is one of the things I did love about this series.  There was a variety of races instead of focusing on one.  I mean yes, Chloe's gifts were talked about more than the rest but the rest were still explained and were still a big part of the story.

There was nothing wrong with the book.  It was very well written and the story kept my interest the whole time.  I can honestly say I didn't skip any parts of it ( I am terrible at that. I do it often).  I don't read a lot of YA books anymore just because I tend to get annoyed with some of the immature things the MC gets upset about ( I am aware that I am 26 and I still act 16.  I just don't want to read about it)  And there were a lot of moments in this book were I was like oh my god, so juvenile. especially the love triangle.  I kind of hated it in this book.   But I mean Chloe was 15..  And just turned 15 too.  I don't even remember being 15.

And I am so freaking glad Chloe ends up with who she ends up with.  I would have given up on Kelley if Chloe had ended up with the other boy.. That just would have been wrong.

Not a series I will re-read but I do plan on reading Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series... Well right after I finally finish The Rising :)