Thursday, December 24, 2015

Refugee by Erica Stevens

I am not happy.  Look at my face.  Does this look like my happy face?  ohhhh right you can t see me.  Well let me assure you that I am pissed.  I am going to rant to there will probably be spoilers.. Not probably.  There will defiantly be spoilers. So read at your own risk.

Most of the book is a lot of the same crap that was in the last one.  Omg he's a vampire, omg she's a human!! AHHH!  Yeah, yeah. We get it.  It is totally nuts.  They are insane but crazy in love.  Anyways there is this rebellion happening and Braith being the ex prince in line to be king.  So the Vamps will follow him.  But they won't follow him if they find out that he fell in love with his blood slave.  ohhhhh. So his brother Jack decides that she has to go  and Gideon says that if she can't she has to die.  You know to break the blood bond.  riiiiight.  okay.  soon MAKE HER A FREAKING VAMPIRE!!!!! I don't get it.  There is a chance it won't work.  But its either rule with out her or run away and she is going to die anyways!!  I have been into Braith up until this book.  Now I think he is dumb.

And have you read the summary for the next book?  GAAHHH.  I will be soon pissed if she is trapped for most of the book.  Done with the rant.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Anew by Chelsea Fine

hmm... There is a reason I can only read certain YA books and this one is a good example of why.  The love triangle makes me want to hurl.  I remember a time when I would search for book with the love triangles and now I usually can't stand them.  I really wish I would have read this book a couple years ago.  I am pretty sure I would have freaking loved it.  But no.  For the most part it just annoyed me.

I have issues with Scarlet.  She ignores the fact that Gabriel is being sketchy... Weak.  Then she finds out why and omg she has a super strong attraction to his twin brother Tristan.  She is even more attracted to Tristan than she is to Gabriel and yet she still stays with Gabriel.. Therefore she is a bad little girl.  I mean seriously.  How messes up is that??? She thinks about Tristan more than her BF and she just lets it go.  I want to punch her.

And then I kind of get the feeling that Gabriel isn't really that in love with her.. He just feels like it is the only way he can get love. So he stays with it.  So it makes me hate him too.  Really the only person in this book that  I liked was Tristan.. oh wait and Nate. He was funny.

The writing was fantastic and I would probably have loved the story if I had read it a couple years ago when I still enjoyed a good love triangle.  But I still read the next one because I have to know what happens... Even though I really think I know.  But I have to know if Im right :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Midnight's Seduction by Donna Grant

I have mixed feelings about this book.  There were times where I was head over heels in love with Camdyn and then I hated him.  I will say that really the only thing I hated about him was the fact that he was so reluctant to be with Saffron just because he didn't want to watch her die.  Because most of the other warriors are doing it and I FINALLY found out that Isla's shield is what is keeping them from aging.  So wouldn't that mean that Saffron wouldn't age?  I guess she has to stay inside the shield and that blows.  But the other wives have done it for 400 years so they can just get over themselves.

And then there Saffron.. Who was kind of a stubborn bitch. Im sorry.  There were some good things about her sure.  But for the most part I just could not stand her.

I got a little bored with the journey to free Deidre's sister. That was a big chunk of the book and I just feel like it could have been cut down because IDK it was just boring.

I want to jump for joy at the ending!!!! No spoilers.  Although it is hard because it's all I want to talk about.

I will say that I am glad that you can still see the good in Malcolm(Not sure if that is how you spell his name) I like his character.  I like that he helped Saffron out. I mean a little bit.  He couldn't help out like he should have but he was still able to fight Deidre a little bit and I like that.

and I am so freaking excited to read Ramsey's book next!!! ahhhh!! He is my favorite!! Please do not let me down!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

There may be a few spoilers.. I can't help it sometimes.

I freaking love the world this book is based in but I did not like Isadora at all.  I tried because she ended up doing some good things and what she did for her sister was obviously amazing but she just annoyed me.  She was trying to take charge of her life.. okay.  I get that.  But the way she did it?  I don't get that.  And the first time her and Demetrius had sex.. uhh.  It was borderline rape.  He was attracted to her.  He told her that but he also said that he didn't want it to go that far but she didn't care because she was "taking charge" of her life.  I did not like that one bit.  And even before that she just kept pushing him for it.  Some would call that determination.I think even Demetrius called it determination which knocked him down a peg in my book. But I call that desperation and pathetic and god just annoying.

Now Demetrius I liked.  I felt bad for him because he got stuck with Isadora for a mate but whatever.  He was a good character.  Interesting backstory.  Yeah.  He had to keep saving isadora.  That is basically all he ever did.  She kept getting in trouble.

If the female character were different I would have liked the book more.  I hate rating it with 3 stars but characters are kinds the bread and butter of books and Isadora was just awful.  But it was good and the plot it moving right along.  I am looking forward to the next book.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

There may be mild spoilers.  Obvious ones.  But still.

Okay. So I have gone back through and looked at what I wrote as I was reading and it seems like I didn't like the book but I totally did! It just turns out that I don't like Jonas as much as I thought I did.  These books are hard to review without giving things away because so freaking much happens in them and this one is no different.

The only thing that I will complain about (and it's the same thing I have complained about in each book from the series) is the romance.  And honestly in this book it is just Jonas that flips back and forth.  He kisses Lys and then as soon as he sees Cleo he wants to kiss her but then when he's alone with Lys again he decides he's in love with just her.  And that was going to be the obvious choice for him so I get that. but just make up your damn mind!

Lucia learns some hard lessons.  Granted she kinda goes bat shiii crazy and deserves to learn the lessons.  And then there are my favorite husband and wife, Cleo and Magnus. They had a lot of interactions throughout the whole book and i LOVED that!!! Even if almost all of them were unpleasant ones.  I still love them no matter what they are doing.  Rhodes also added in Felix and Amara, which was kinda cool to see the other side of things.

Nick kind of sets up for the next book to be a mess.. I was feeling really good about where everything was and then in the last 5 mins of the book Nick had to ruin it. I am starting to hate his character.  He seems to mess stuff up a lot.  Everything that was built up in this book might be wrecked.  So I am mad at him.  But then the guy that shows up at the very last second?!! like literally the last 27 seconds of the audiobook. He shows up and then the book is done.  Not cool.

I loved this book.  It was by far my favorite of the series... even with the annoying romances.

Monday, December 14, 2015


I know I have been slacking on my reviews.  I have been going back and re-reading books.  With the holidays and traveling to see my family I just haven't been reading a whole lot of new books.  So I haven't had a lot of new material.  So sorry about that.

I am a huge fan of Good Choice Reading's blog.  That is not secret.  I often site them and right now they have a Skye Malone giveaway going on.  SO I thought I would stop by and give y'all the link to that. The books are old school but there are gift cards and swag as well! ENJOY!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Alright.. Well I read this series just because I was reading Kelley Armstrong's Darkness Rising series and in the last book Derek, Simon, and Chloe show up and I was like well who the hell are you... And that just drives me crazy so I have read this whole series in a day and a half so I can finish The Rising tomorrow fulling aware of who all the characters are.

I feel like I defiantly should have read this series before the Darkness Rising, but I wasn't aware of it.  I kind of stumbled on The Gathering and just went with it with out reading what it was about but I defiantly wish I read this series first... It would not have made a HUGE difference but it would have given a little bit more of a background on the experiments and the different races.  That is one of the things I did love about this series.  There was a variety of races instead of focusing on one.  I mean yes, Chloe's gifts were talked about more than the rest but the rest were still explained and were still a big part of the story.

There was nothing wrong with the book.  It was very well written and the story kept my interest the whole time.  I can honestly say I didn't skip any parts of it ( I am terrible at that. I do it often).  I don't read a lot of YA books anymore just because I tend to get annoyed with some of the immature things the MC gets upset about ( I am aware that I am 26 and I still act 16.  I just don't want to read about it)  And there were a lot of moments in this book were I was like oh my god, so juvenile. especially the love triangle.  I kind of hated it in this book.   But I mean Chloe was 15..  And just turned 15 too.  I don't even remember being 15.

And I am so freaking glad Chloe ends up with who she ends up with.  I would have given up on Kelley if Chloe had ended up with the other boy.. That just would have been wrong.

Not a series I will re-read but I do plan on reading Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series... Well right after I finally finish The Rising :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley

LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE TIGER!!! And I absolutely love how Jennifer Ashley wrote this book.  I was a little worried about how this book was going to be with Tiger being kind of a lab experiment.  I was worried about how our heroine Carly was going to react to him once she found out.  And Jennifer Ashley made it so Carly was totally amazing through out the whole damn book.  Did Carly have doubts about Tiger? Sure but not because he was a lab experiment.  I just have issues with that.  I am so glad that the two characters seemed to connect right from the start.

There are not many books out there that where I didn't hate something about either of the characters and this is one of them.  Tiger was protective and dominate and adorably naive about certain things (like kissing)  I loved it! He was perfection wrapped up a delicious male body.  I knew I was going to love him from the moment he was introduced in the last book.  And his mate Carly is perfect for him.  She is one of my favorite females from this series... actually right now I can't think of one I like more.  She stood up for him when anyone talk badly about him.  She was going to leave her whole life behind in order to run away with him.  Honestly I could go on because she was a woman of worth.  I think that term is from a different shifter series Im reading but it applies.

 I feel like I was waiting the whole book for Carly to piss me off and hurt Tiger and she didn't.  Not once did she hurt him.  and for that I love her and I LOVE Jennifer Ashley for that.  Because I don't think I could have gotten over it because of Tiger's past.  That shifter deserves the end that he got! I loved this book.  Seriously, loved it.