Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

I HATED THIS BOOK! Harsh I know.  But seriously she took one of my favorite characters from the series and completely ruined him for me.  I will never be able to get over what he said to No'One after he needing.  I don't care how upset a person is.  There are just some thing you don't say! And he said them repeatedly throughout the book that he was using her.  Bleh!!!! He is suppose to be a man of worth!  No man of worth would do that.

I thought I would hate this book because I loved Wellsie and I was freaking pissed that Tohr was going to take another mate and so soon after she died. But no I hate the book because Tohr was basically murdered in my eyes.  No'One was kind of very messed up... and for good reasons and she let him treat her like complete crap.  Grieving did not give him the right to completely use her.  Yes he got her food and filled the bathtub for her(apparently thats a big deal) but he tried to hide her, he wouldn't even sleep under the damn covers with her! I really, really wish Ward would have waited and let Tohr move on by himself before having him try to sleep with No'One.  Make him the B character and sell the house and give away Welllsie's things and then give him his own book.  I will never like him again.  I tried to move past it, I did, but I can't.  He is an ass.  This book upset me so much, it gave me a headache... (or it could be the fact that I have been reading for 5 hours but I am sticking with my disappointment in Tohr.)

The one good thing in this book: Lassiter :)  LOOOOOVVVVEEE HIM! oh and I guess the sex was good too.. yes defiantly good sex scenes. but still ruined a freaking character for me. gah.  I did get over my hatred for John and Xhex though! yay for that.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione

This is by far the greatest book I have read by Larissa Ione.  And I am not just saying that because I am 100% in love with Thanatos.. Even though that is a large part of it.  He is just straight up awesome.  Im not going to lie and say that I loved Regan because well I kind of hated her because of what she did to my lovely Thanatos in the last book... and maybe because I was a tad bit jealous okay... But she actually grew on me.  She stood up for herself and I liked that.  Thanatos is freaking death and while I find that hot as hell, I think most women might find that a little scary.  Oh and you know the fact that armor is actual souls. But Regan gets right up in his face.  I like that.  And yeah so she eventually grows on me

And then there is the whole baby thing.  Thanatos is adorable! He makes a crib! gahh. And then I guess you know the whole Pestilence stuff.  That was cool.

Obviously my take on the book was Thanatos was amazing and I love him and want to make a whole baseball field of post apocalyptic babies with him.  And the story was fantastical too.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

Some spoilers might be here in this rant. Sorry.  If you haven't read the book don't read this review/rant.

yeah... So your friends talk you into wearing a skimpy dress instead of your usual body hiding clothes. Okay.   You freak out because you don't want your "fix" And thats when you run into the sexy wolf man who doesn't even recognize you.. even though you walked down the isle with him at your best friends wedding.. But since you are wearing tight clothes the jackass notices you.  So naturally you let him take you to his house and shred your clothes and screw you into oblivion on his door.. oh and he doesn't even know you name.  that is what any sane woman would let happen. Sure.

Why was this never addressed??  All he says about never noticing her is that he was an idiot.  Supposedly werewolves can smell their mates right? okay well he has been around her multiple times so why didn't he know.  Or do they only smell the mate bond or whatever during sex? All I know is that Graham is a grade A jackass. And Missy is a fekking idiot for letting what happened happen.

Oh and then there is the whole he got her preggers on purpose with out telling her or asking her.  After TWELVE hours of "knowing" the woman. TWELVE HOURS!!!  And when she found out was she mad? noooooooo of course not.  Why would she be?  I mean she was upset that he told his cousin that she was pregnant iin front of other people before he told her.  Not that he got her pregnant without her knowledge.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Darkest Highlander by Donna Grant

I liked this book.. but Sonya was beyond stupid. What does Deirdre want more than anything else? a druid.  So what does Sonya (A DRUID) do?  She follows Broc right back to the mountain, right back to Deirdre.   And she just freaking walked right fuckin in.  With no weapon and she thought her magic was completely gone.  STUPID! I was sitting at work listening to this happen and I literally growled in frustration over this.  So now Sonya has all my coworkers thinking I am craaaazy.  So thats awesome.  Oh and then there is the little fact that Broc was with her sister. oh hell no.  I would have punched him if he ever made a move on me too. How freaking gross.  To sleep with someone your dead sister has also slept with. Nope.  But Sonya just completely over looks that little fact.  oh it bothered her... but oh well.

Look obviously I am not sugar coating this review.  I did not like this book.. The only reason it got 2 stars is because of all the back story for the next series.  I hated Sonya and Brocs story.  It was such a disappointment because up until this book they have been some of my favorite characters in the series.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

I HATE Limos.  I thought Sin from the Demonica series was bad but Limos was way worse in my opinion.  And the Arik.. Well honestly I don't have an opinion about him he was just ehhh.  He was just there.  I think he was absolutely 100% insane for getting over the fact that he spent a month being tortured for kissing a chick. I probably would have hit her a few times at least. But thats just me.

The story was ok.. I hate it when there a bunch a lies and all the characters are dancing around them.  It gives me anxiety attacks. I swear.  And Limos lied so freaking much.  And helloooo she was responsible for killing her brothers family! and he just forgave her? uh nuh uh.  Id have been a tad more upset.

And lets just take a second to talk about my Thanatos.. He got screwed.. And I don't mean literally.  Well I do mean literally but y'all know what I mean.  That bitch Regan.  I mean she kinda was set up with the wine and was drugged as well but I don't care..she still went to your house to seduce him! who the hell does that!  my poor little Thanatos.  My lovely Death.  I will find her and kill her for you... except I guess since the next book focuses on you 2 that means you fall in love with her or whatever so I will let it go.. but she is on my shit list. And also I hate her for taking you the way that she did and then just leaving.

Yeah I just wasn't feeling this book.  Mainly because I hated Limos and I had no strong feelings for Arik. Other than the fact that I thought he was kind of dumb for choosing to stick with Limos but what do I  know.  Obviously if you are going to read the series you have to read the books in order because Larissa Ione does a really fantastic job of building the plot in each book.  So if you would skip one book you would de a little lost as to what the hell is going on. So read it.  Just keep in mind that Limos is kind of a brat.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley

I was a little worried about this one.  I have been putting it off for awhile because Eric has already had a mate that died.. And that usually bothers me a whole hell of a lot when the hero then gets a new mate.  And especially with this book because Eric did love his mate and he was still missing and he was still grieving her.  And not that, that isn't a bad thing.. it just doesn't do it for me in a romance book.  Because if I were Iona I would always have that little voice in my head telling me I was a second choice mate.  I dunno.  I also don't understand how Eric got so lucky where get got 2 mate bonds. Those are supposedly super rare yet he had it twice and only 30 years apart..  Or was he not actually bonded with his first mate? I don't know.  I was trying not to pay too much attention to her.

Besides that whole thing the actual story was good.  There is a lot of things happening andI like the new characters and I am especially excited for the next book!  23/tigerman and going back to the Austin Clan.  :)  Though I will say that I am not a huge fan of going back and forth between the clans. I have looked ahead because I want to know about Graham and his book is the 6th... I don't read this series back to back so I get the characters mixed up and I forget who people are.

But thats on a totally different note.  The book is good!  Defiantly glad I read it.. But really just because I want to read the next one.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lead by Kylie Scott

I loved Lena!!! Granted I thought she was a love sick puppy for awhile but she was trying to leave.  Jimmy wouldn't let her.  I just freaking loved her personality. She was hilarious.  I kind of thought the story took awhile to get to the good stuff but other than that it was really good.  Not at all what I was expecting from Jimmy or Lena from what you learn of them in past books.  I absolutely adored them.  I just wish we got to see them as a couple for longer than the last few minutes of the book.  But like most books they get together at the verrrrrry end.  I think I would like a book just about them and their relationship.  Their bickering was perfection... Exactly like what I would want from a rock n roll god.

On a side note.... Mal is a complete nut job.  I mean that was obvious from the last book but yikes.  I mean he made me laugh but think about actually being married to him.. Im pretty sure I would constantly be punching him.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Good god this book was loooooong! I mean it was fantastic!  But still I was like "omg I just want to know how it ends".  I listened to the audiobook and I only listened to it at work and I listened to it at 1.5x the regular speed and it still took me 2 days.  Just saying... That's a lot. I usually finish one and a half books at work a day. Usually.  I was just wanting it to end.

A ridiculous amount of things happened in this book.  I honestly felt like it was 4 books in 1.  I refuse to give away spoilers so Im not really going to write a full review.. Just going to throw out a few things that I loved/annoyed me.

Things I loved:
-Winter :) Girl was bat shit crazy because she refused to use her lunar gifts.  She had me laughing so dang hard. And even with her being crazy she was still sweet and totally lovable.
-Cinder.. okay I am just going to say all the female characters.  They were all amazing and strong.  And just totally kicked ass.
-IKO.  She gets her own separate shout out because she actually did a whole lot in this book.  She was a total badass droid.
-And the males.. again loved all of them too. especially Thorn. Yummy.
-The book was non-stop. despite the length.  There wasn't a lot of down time.  There was always something crazy happening and I liked that.  If there was a bunch of down time.. or even just a little I think I probably would have thought a lot differently about the book.  It keeps you on your toes.

Things I did not like so much:
-The length.. I think thats obvious by now.
-The ending.  I was a little disappointed by the ending.  Im not sure exactly what I was expecting but that was not it..  It just seemed to.. I don't know just lack something.

Really it is just those two things that I did not like about the book.. But unfortunately they were significant things.. Well not so much the length but the ending.  I just don't feel like I got the answers I was looking for.  I don't feel like it was a happy ending.. despite it being a happy ending.  It just feels not finished.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Chief by Monica McCarty

I am not usually a fan of highlander books.. I never hate them but they are usually just ehhh to me.  But this one I actually really enjoyed and I came across it on accident yesterday when I was going through my library's e-book selection and thought I would try it and I could not put it down.

There were a few times were Christina annoyed me.. but that happens even in my favorite books so thats to be expected and of course I wanted to punch Tor a lot but again that is to be expected.. I hate when a woman is expected to be docile and OBEY her husband.  ohhh it when Tor says that I wanted to punt kick him across the room but Christina just accepts this.. And I know that is how it was back then.. which is why I usually can not read any kind of historical book.  I have tried and tried but I just can't stand it.  I love cavemen. I really do but a woman has to be able to fight back.  They need to have some kind of power.. and I am not talking about in the bedroom.. I think thats why I like Donna Grants highlander series because there is the paranormal aspect to it as well as the highlander men.

Anyways... What I was trying to say was that although Tor was all "I will tell you nothing! You must obey me!"  He was also sweet and I don't know it just seemed different than most of the highlander books I have tried to read. I am going to try the next one and hope that this one wasn't just a fluke and that maybe I have finally found a highlander series that I can love and enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dark Dream by Christine Feehan

Surprise! I actually loved this book! Falcon is still a caveman like the rest of the Carpathian males but he actually asks Sara what she wants!  Mind blown when I heard that.  I do not remember any of the other males doing that.  Not only that but the wants Sara to have all her dreams.  Crazy concept.  Falcon is by far my favorite.  He's the only one who wants his female to have opinions!

Now the book was extremely short and they fell in love basically instantly which is bat shit crazy.. but whatever. I still enjoyed the story.  And really she already knew about him because she's been dreaming about him.. and maybe I am just making up excuses... but again whatever.  It was still good.

By far my favorite of the series.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

Oh Tiago. I love you.  If only there was a real you out there in the world.   It would make life so much better.  He was so dreamy. Le sigh.  MY favorite scene from the whole book is when Tiago finds Tricks in the hotel drunk.  That was freaking hilarious.  Tricks was an all around funny character.  I enjoyed reading her story just because she made me laugh. And it wasn't cheesy like a lot of other books I have read.  The books was actually funny.

That being said I wanted to hit Tricks multiple times throughout the book.  Why oh why do females not just tell the males whats going on in their little heads.  Everything could have been fixed so much sooner if they would just open up their mouths instead of running away.  Props to Tiago for NOT running away though.  He kept chasing her when I am pretty sure I would have been like eff this and left.

Other than that though the book was pretty fantastic.  I am liking this series a lot so far.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

No.  I am so disappointed by this book.  Carlos has always been one of my favorite side characters and I have been looking forward to his book ever since we first met him and I hated it.  I HATED Caitlyn.  She could not have been any more desperate.  I have no idea why any woman would ever throw themselves at someone the way she did.  It was embarrassing and she just kept doing it.

 And her freakin daddy issues.  Yeah so your dad was/is an asshole. BFD.  And you find out your sister didn't actually run away like you thought.  Instead of freaking out maybe just enjoy getting to know her?  I dunno.  That's what I would do.  Its not like you can change the past.  And it's not like you are actually going to do anything to your father so STFU.

The dialogue seemed forced.  And a lot of it was awkward and incredibly cheesy.  I understand that a lot of the lines were suppose to be "sexy" but good god they weren't.
There's really nothing more to say.  I did not enjoy anything about the book.  I wanted so badly to stop listening to it.  I am really hoping the the next one won't be so awkward.

Also whoever hired the narrator for the audiobook did a terrible job.  She talked like you would to a child. It's part of the reason I hated the book so much.  Who wants to listen to love scenes with a whiney voice? NO ONE.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Entwined by Elisabeth Naughton

I read the first one a loong time ago and I have read 100+ books since then.  So some of the characters were a little confusing to me at first because I was trying to remember what happened.  And I couldn't remember if I had missed something with Zander and Callia from the first book.  I know there was tension.. but I kind wish there would have been more of a flashback maybe of 10 years ago when they fell in love.  But again.. maybe there was more to it in the first book. Honestly can't remember. I just felt like I was missing something with the story.

I hate the communication misunderstanding.  I hate that something so idiotic kept two people apart.  It makes me want to hit people.  And I also think that Zander was a complete ass calling her a murderer.  And right after he told her her just wanted to fuck her.  ohhhhh.  I would have chopped off some very important parts of him.

I will read the next book.. Although I really can't stand Isadora.  I am hoping maybe that might change after her book?.. probably not.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Dark Fire by Christine Feehan

Sometimes I really do not know why I keep reading this series.  This book was one of the worse ones I think.  I honestly like the whole life mate thing.  Where the male sees color and feels as soon as he sees his life mate.  I love that.  I freaking hate that they feel the need to control everything about the female.  i feel like the books are getting worse an worse at this as the series goes on.

Darius was terrible.  This is what I remember of him. He took Tempest down under a volcano and she kept telling him how terrified and how uncomfortable she was being underground and he told her she was fine and put her to sleep.  And then woke her up with sex.  And when she realized what had happened she was mad for all of half a second.  Which also made me hate her.

So there you have it.. I hated both the main characters.  Tempest was weak and she had zero common sense and she was just plain annoying.  She would get pissed and then get over it two seconds later without anything being resolved.  And Darius was the worst.  He treated his life mate like he would his child and thats creepy.  He didn't want her to have a mind of her own.  He basically wanted her to keep her mouth shut and her legs open. Oh and stay right by his side. Freaking annoying.

okkkaaaay.  Now that I have ranted about how much I disliked this book.... I will read the next one. I love the world too much to completely drop the series all together.  But I am getting to a point where that may not be enough anymore.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

I was more interested in Doc Jane and V's relationship than I was Payne and Mannys.   Not that theirs wasn't interesting.. because it was... I just love Jane and V.  And honestly I found myself almost skimming through some of the other parts to get to their chapters.  I had to walk away from the book a few times when I started doing that.

That is the one issue I have with the brotherhood books.  If I don't like a character, I always want to skip their chapters and you really can't do that.  But then it is also something that I love most about the Brotherhood books because it brings back characters that I loved from past books.  And the thing with this book was that I didn't hate the main couple, I just liked the secondary couple more.

I dunno.  I honestly just wasn't feeling this one.  I have been putting it off for so long. For reasons that now make no sense. ( The next book Lover Reborn is going to break me. Because I am still not over Wellsie.  And I knew as soon as I finished this one I had to start that one.)  I am crazy I know.   But I am dreading that next story. I know, I know closure and all that. Blah.

Basically Eh is how I feel about this book.  Glad Doc Jane and V are finally going to be actually mated.  Doc Jane kinda got shafted.  So I am happy that V is getting better.  That's really what I took from the book.