Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: King's Captive

King's Captive King's Captive by Amber A. Bardan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book so, so much. I haven't ever read anything from Amber Bardan but I will be reading more of her books.

It was not at all what I was expecting and because of that I feel like it's better for people to go in blind. So I'm not really going to write a full review.

I really loved the characters. I loved how Sarah handled being held captive. I feel like it's exactly what I would have done.. She was strong with out violence and she was just funny without trying. And freaking hell Julius. He just jumped to the top of my book boyfriend list. He was perfection and heartbreaking and just yummy :)

If you like your romances with a little bit of edge and one hell of a story line, PICK THIS UP! It's the best book I have read in 2017. It's that good.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Review: Falling Into Bed with a Duke

Falling Into Bed with a Duke Falling Into Bed with a Duke by Lorraine Heath
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I hate Ashe. So so so much. I can not believe what he said to Minerva when she confronted him about his finances. My mind is freaking blown. I would have murdered him for threatening me. But thats just me.

This book wasn't terrible.. It wasn't good either. I almost stopped listening to the book when I found out that Ashe needs money and that he starts to court Minerva for her dowry. I am not really sure why I finished it. I was mad the whole time. And honestly I didn't really like Minerva all that much either. She gets a few compliments from a handsome man and she's a puddle. Thats just annoying.

I really don't understand how Minerva forgave him. I don't understand how you could ever forgive someone who deceived you. If the book was told just from Minerva's POV I might be able to see how she could fall for his courtship. But the problem is that we get Ashe's POV and he is a total ass. He goes after her knowing that she wants love and knowing that she has been hurt by numerous fortune hunters. I can't get over how much I hate him. I don't remember the last time I hated a character so much.

Ashe goes and talks to one of his friends about what's going on and his friend says no big deal, go find another dowry and this is what that asshole says.
"I just need to find another dowry. It's just disappointing is all. After all the effort I put into the courtship and gaining her willingness." --- He literally freaking says this. WTF is wrong with him.

And the way he fixes it? pshh. Not good enough. Lorraine Heath's books are always hit or miss with me. This one is absolutely a miss.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Review: Fire In His Blood: A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance

Fire In His Blood: A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance Fire In His Blood: A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance by Ruby Dixon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I have mixed feelings about this book. I absolutely loved the world building and I loved, LOVED Kael(the dragon) but I HATED Claudia. She was the worst. She ran into situations with out thinking. I understand that she had a sister to worry about.. but she freaking ratted out her dragon. WHY? why did she do this?? She told the mayor (the guy who made her dragon bate, kidnapped her sister, had men shoot bullets at her) all the secrets of the dragons. She told him everything. My mind was blown. I just wanted to punch her in her stupid face. The dragon did all the things for her. Literally the guy did everything to make her happy and when she said no, he backed off immediately, no matter how far they already were into sexual activities. I don't know a lot of human men that are able to do that and the dragon.. the enemy.. does it without pause.

I was just frustrated by Claudia the whole book. I understand that you can't just give yourself away to a dragon but when that dragon does so much for you and makes you feel safe.. why wouldn't you let him continue to do those things?? And Kael was so damn sweet. I loved him so much.

I'll be reading the next book for sure. Hopefully Sasha isn't as bad as Claudia!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: Devil in Winter

Devil in Winter Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh St. Vincent. I was prepared to hate you after what you did to Lillian in the last book but you made me fall in love with you despite that. And Evie: Who knew she had it in her to be bold? Not me. I was not looking forward to her book at all. Even with the male being St. Vincent. I still wasn't excited about it. She just seemed so boring. But she freaking proved me wrong. I loved her!

Lillian is still my favorite wallflower but Evie is a close second. I won't say that St. Vincent is my favorite of the males because well Westcliff has that honor. But St. Vincent proved himself to be a good guy. I really don't know how someone can go from kidnapping a woman and threatening to rape her to the guy he was in this book but whatever. He was extremely sweet to Evie... even in the beginning. Yes he said a bunch of rude and inappropriate things to her but all of his actions were of a kind, caring man. So I was a little confused by that but eventually I just got over it and enjoyed the story. I kind of had to separate the St. Vincent from Lillian's book because he just wasn't that man. Not really.

Also one more thing. Evie is Ivo Jenner's daughter... How did I not put that together by now. I have searched Lisa Kleypas back log of books and I can not find a book about Ivo Jenner. If it's out there will someone please let me know. I have been so curious about him since I read Dreaming of You. We find out a lot about him in this book I guess but I just wish there was a book for him. It's extremely sad the way everything ends for him though. So maybe I don't want his book..

As always Lisa Kleypas wrote one hell of a book. I am looking forward to the next one in this series. Mainly because I want to go back and re-read the hathaway books now that I know more about Cam!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


So I have been blogging my book reviews for about a year.  I have just been doing it under a personal blog.  Now that I am a stay at home mom, I have decided that I wanted to try to make more out of my blog.  So I changed the name and have all the social media sites to go along with it and I will be trying to post reviews more consistently.  I will be slowly posting my archive reviews from my old blog and I will defiantly be writing reviews for the books I am currently reading.  I will also be working on making everything look better :)  

Please follow me on here and on all my social media sites!!  I'll put the links here and hopefully there will be links on my sidebar as well.  

Thank you everyone for the support!!  Please stick with me.  It will be a slow process but I am beyond excited to start this chapter in my life!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Review: Crystal Storm

Crystal Storm Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

eeeepp... I really need some conclusions. I hate all the back and forth of this series. one minute a character is good and then they are bad and vise versa. I just want the bad people to stay bad and the good to stay good. Also I want Cleo and Magnas to just agree to be in love and not fight each other on it the whole damn time.

This book was exciting and the pace was fast but I was still annoyed by it. I am ready for the final book. I am ready for the conclusions and the end of the story. I feel like it has gone on long enough. I need the story to move forward.

Don't get me wrong, I loved this book. I really did. I loved Cleo and Magnus. I still hate Lucia... even tho she was kind of good in this book? I still don't really understand all the back and forth with the characters. It gets confusing. But I did enjoy the story and I am excited for the next book.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Twisted Perfection

Twisted Perfection Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love Abbi Glines. I love Blair and Rush. I have had this book for years and I have just been putting it off because I honestly couldn't move on from Blair and Rush. They are one of my favorite couples. But I decided to get over it and move on in the series and I can not decide how to feel about it.

Let me start of by saying that Woods is a total dick. Yeah that's right. I wanted Blair to end up with him when Rush was all douch-y because I thought he was like the perfect guy. But after reading this book I no longer think that. He uses Della. He sees a young girl who can't pump her own gas and he thinks, "God I need this distraction. I have to marry someone I hate so I need to fuck this hot girl so I have the memories." No he didn't say that exact thing but it was close to what his thoughts were. So I hated him then. Okay so Della leaves but then comes back. Again Woods fucks her at a party and then tells her that he plans on proposing to someone else the next night.. I mean REALLY?! I would have ripped his manly bits off. But hey that's just me.

And don't freaking get me started on Della. Heaven help us all she was terrible. She was okay with the one night stand.. okay whatever people do that shit all the time. Then she moves on and sleeps with her boss after a couple dates. Turns out he's married.. but she had no way of knowing that, I guess. So she goes back and like the second day she is back in Rosemary she sleeps with Woods again.. She is coming off as kind of slutty for someone who has been sheltered her whole life. But I can deal with slutty females, you do you girl. What I can't tolerate is the fact that Della was sad that Woods was sad about being forced to marry someone he hated. Uh bitch please. He had a choice. He didn't have to do anything. She let him use that excuse. I can not explain how unattractive Woods was to me in this book. He was not a man at all. I mean eventually he did the right thing but to go along with it at all is just unattractive.

I know Della has some serious, serious issues but I still just did not like her at all and I really didn't like Woods either. Which is just sad because I loved him in the first couple books of the Rosemary series.

Will I read on? Eventually yes. I wish that Della and Woods' story was over though and that the next one was about another couple. But oh well. I'm being generous with 3 stars. I'd say it's really about 2.2 stars.

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Review: Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I kind of loved this book. Derek had a terrible past that made him kind of a messed up adult. BUT that all changed when Sara killed a man to save him. He was drawn to her like he has never been drawn to a woman before. But he is still who he is and he still pushes her away. A lot of messed up situations put them back together and it's magical. I absolutely loved Derek Craven. He was the best husband ever. He adored Sara with everything he had. He couldn't tell her he loved her but honestly he didn't have to. It was obvious to everyone and isn't that the best kind of love? I think so. Words mean nothing if your actions say the opposite. A man can say he loves you a million times but then go and cheat. Or a man can never say he loves you and worship the ground you walk on. Which man do you want? Derek Craven, that's who.

I gave the book 4 stars because I wasn't totally in love with Sara. I think she was a good fit for Derek because she was so open and understanding of everything. But there was just something about her that I didn't like completely. I think it was her "perfection" that bothered me. She had zero flaws. She basically walked on water in everyones opinion. It was annoying. I know if I was constantly in the face of women my husband has slept with I would be at least a little upset but she just let it roll. She almost seemed fake.. at least to me. Again I liked her with Derek so yay for that. She was exactly what he needed to be happy. That's what really matters in the long run.

Also that epilogue.. Derek and his daughter. I seriously wanted to scoop him up and steal him from Sara. I am totally in love with him.

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