Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I kind of loved this book. Derek had a terrible past that made him kind of a messed up adult. BUT that all changed when Sara killed a man to save him. He was drawn to her like he has never been drawn to a woman before. But he is still who he is and he still pushes her away. A lot of messed up situations put them back together and it's magical. I absolutely loved Derek Craven. He was the best husband ever. He adored Sara with everything he had. He couldn't tell her he loved her but honestly he didn't have to. It was obvious to everyone and isn't that the best kind of love? I think so. Words mean nothing if your actions say the opposite. A man can say he loves you a million times but then go and cheat. Or a man can never say he loves you and worship the ground you walk on. Which man do you want? Derek Craven, that's who.

I gave the book 4 stars because I wasn't totally in love with Sara. I think she was a good fit for Derek because she was so open and understanding of everything. But there was just something about her that I didn't like completely. I think it was her "perfection" that bothered me. She had zero flaws. She basically walked on water in everyones opinion. It was annoying. I know if I was constantly in the face of women my husband has slept with I would be at least a little upset but she just let it roll. She almost seemed fake.. at least to me. Again I liked her with Derek so yay for that. She was exactly what he needed to be happy. That's what really matters in the long run.

Also that epilogue.. Derek and his daughter. I seriously wanted to scoop him up and steal him from Sara. I am totally in love with him.

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