Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review: Viper's Run

Viper's Run Viper's Run by Jamie Begley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

SPOILERS. B/c I'm pissed.

WHHYYYYYYYYYY do I read these kinds of books. I literally fume the whole dang time.

We have this straight lace school principle and we have the president of a biker club. Yeah.. that alone is just silly. But the book starts with Viper using Winter to get close to people who might have been involved in his brothers murder. He uses her for two years, TWO YEARS! He leads her on for two mother offing years. He knows she's in love with him. The only good thing I can say is that he never slept with her. So that's the only plus I guess... So she finds out that he is in fact Viper the leader of the motorcycle club and naturally she freaks out. She shuts him out and he lets her. Good for him because he's an asshole.

But then some shit happens and she's basically an invalid for awhile. And Viper decides that it's his right to take care of her... um what? She literally kicks him out of the hospital and Viper has her brought to his house... She isn't able to walk, or move basically in any way. So she is freaking stuck. She tries to get away a couple of times but Viper and his club stop her. She has ZERO control of any part of her life. I can't not explain how much this pissed me off. I also hated that she just kind of accepted this and eventually grew to love these people who basically put her in prison. I don't understand people.

I have read a lot of MC books. I understand that they involve a lot of club sex but I think that in this book it's worse than most.. ok well most of what I have personally read. The fact that the women in the club have to sleep with the originally members to become a member themselves just seems trashy. In this book the author is trying to make the sex seem like it's all very respectful but I just have a hard time seeing it that way. But to each their own.

There is about a million other things I hated about this book but I think I have ranted enough. So ill leave it at that. I also hate myself because I know I'll read the next book. I can't tell you why.. Because I was honestly pissed this entire book.

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