Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Hold

Hold Hold by Zannie Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got on Amazon to get the next Ice Barbarian book by Ruby Dixon and I kind of stumbled on this one and it sounded good.

Riana get in trouble to trespassing... yeah thrown onto a prison planet for life because she trespassed.. haha life is a freaking bitch. This prison planet, the Hold, is disguising. There are no rules and very few females. She was given the advise to find the biggest guy there, give herself to him and then he would protect her.. and that is exactly what she did.

So the story line is pretty basic. I have actually read a story similar to this before. And I am still not quite sure why I needed to read this.. honestly I think it had a lot to do with the cover. So simple but still amazing. So great job to whoever made the cover because I paid $2.99 for a short book because of it.

I loved Cain (he's the big guy that she gives herself to. In case that wasn't obvious). He was gruff, didn't like to talk, and he grunted a lot. But he was also sweet and while everyone else in the prison was basically an animal, he kept his humanity.. at least most of it. Raina I had a harder time liking and I honestly can't tell you why. Her thoughts just annoyed me.

Do I think this book was worth 3 dollars? No, it was too short to pay a regular ebook price. But it was still entertaining and If the next book ever goes on sale, I will buy it.. I just won't pay $3 for it. I am very curious about Hall and I think it'll be a good book.

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