Sunday, February 21, 2016

Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day

okay. So I have.. 13 audio books checked out. Yes 13.  I am a nut ball. But I can listen to books at work so yay me. But I was sitting at work and I couldn't decide what to listen to.  I just had too many options. So I picked this one because I kinda thought it would be ridiculous. Atlantis and Warriors of Poseidon.. I don't know. I was thinking Mermen and shit. It was late on Friday when I started.  But jokes on me because I freaking loved this book.

First off I love Riley.  She was super sweet but she also stood up for herself.  A lot of times characters are too 'strong' and it just comes off bitchy or they are too sweet and they end up a push over.  Well Riley was a good mixture of both. She gets thrown into a crazy world with these He-man Atlantis Warriors and she holds her own.  Which is a good thing because she has caught the attentions of Conlan, The Prince of Atlantis.

I like him as well.  He makes a few mistakes, sure but who doesn't.  Since they meet at the very start of the book I can't say what he was like before he met Riley but I will say that I like them together.  I think they are defiantly stronger as a couple and I think that they will be great leaders.  I am excited to see how they progress in the series.

I will definitely be going on with the series! There is so much going on with the vampires attacking and trying to take over and I love all the warriors.  They are funny and so completely different so I am excited to learn more about them.