Saturday, February 13, 2016

Changed by Jennifer Snyder

Again I had to look at this book from a younger point of view.  I struggled with this only because I did not like Jace because of what happened at the end of the last book.  And I hated Tessa for just being okay with what he did.  I would have eaten his face off if he would have turned me with out my permission.  And then in this book he sets Tessa up for more things that could get her killed with out talking to her about it first.  I just was not a fan what so ever of Jace.  Characters are what make a book.  In the first book I could see how Jace was kind of cute.. a little bit corny but still cute.  But after what he did at the end there is no way to look past that in this one.  So it was hard for me to get over that and it was hard for me to like Tessa because she didn't care that Jace didn't care about her opinions on anything having to do with her life.

SO while the book ended well, I am still not 100% happy with how it got there. Im not even like 50% happy with it.  I don't even think younger me would have been happy with the way Jace handled everything.  He was an extremely selfish character.  He saw Tessa, wanted her, so he did whatever he took to have her.  Even if that meant completely changing her life with out her knowledge. Granted she was totally cool with it... which is why I didn't like her either...