Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Do You Want to Start a Scandal

Do You Want to Start a Scandal Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By far my favorite from this series. Actually my favorite Tessa Dare book that I've read.

We finally get Charlotte's story. We have watched her mother push her at every available male in every book so far. This book is really no different. Charlotte and her mother have been in London for her season and she has earned a reputation (I can't remember the exact thing they ton calls her) but basically she's a woman who is trying to trick a rich man into marriage. Charlotte's mother pushed her in front of a horse to get a Duke's attention. All ridiculous and it's defiantly something Charlotte does not want. So she tries to warn Lord Piers Brandon that her mother will try to force a marriage and they end up in a compromising situation with out the help of her mother.

I honestly loved everything about this book. I LOVED Charlotte and Piers. Charlotte was hilarious. She was completely honest to Piers and to herself and she was hilarious without trying to be. And Piers was actually kind of sweet, which I was not expecting at all. But what I loved about this book so much is that neither one of them denied their attraction to each other. I loved that Piers didn't try to hide that he wanted her as his wife. He claimed he could never love her and I loved that he was upfront about that. Basically I just loved all the honestly. There wasn't trickery.. well there was at the end but not really.

It took me until about halfway to realize that Piers was the brother from Say Yes to the Marquess. It never clicked until Rafe showed up. That was exciting :)

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