Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: The Guardian

The Guardian The Guardian by Margaret Mallory
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ian MacDonald is a douche, Sìleas was a silly ninny girl. Therefore I did not enjoy this book.

Ian wanted nothing to do with Sìleas when he was forced to wed her. Granted she was 13. What girl looks good when they are 13? He leaves to fight and he comes back and he doesn't even recognize his own wife... again he was gone for 5 years and at the young age women change a lot but still. So Sìleas has been longing for Ian for 5 years. She has stayed with his family/clan and helped it survive. She goes everyday to the sea to watch for her husband who said she was ugly and who literally had a knife to him when he wed her. She has held on to all these ridiculous fantasies that he was going to come back to her, take her in his arms and confess that he never meant any of the things he said and that he has missed her every day he was gone. Ridiculous. The reality is that he comes home and has every expectation of annulling the marriage (it was never consummated) When he sees her, he has no clue who she is. He just sees a pretty girl and he knows he wants to bed her.... So when he finds out that she is in fact his wife he decides that he will accept the marriage and let her be his wife. He literally thinks and says these things to her. And what does she do? Well he kisses her so she forgets about it. UHHHHHH mothereffer should be on his knees begging her to stay with him. Let me point out the wrongs he has done her and the rights she has done him.
1. He calls her ugly.
2. He leaves for 5 years and she wants him every day and he goes around with anything with breasts.
3. he comes home and doesn't recognize her.
4. She stayed with his family and helped run the house, take care of his sick father, helped his brother and mother with everything.
5. The woman who took Ian's virginity comes to stay at the house and she says nothing about it.
6. She has been humiliated and mocked for 5 years because she couldn't get her husband to come home.

All of this adds up to Ian being a complete and total douche. He doesn't redeem himself at all. When he finally beds her I guess he gets kind of sweet.... I mean he wants to save her but thats it.. That does not make up for all the wrongs.

Sorry I just could not get with this story because everything Ian did made me hate him and every time Sìleas forgave him it made me hate her.

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