Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood Fire in the Blood by Lily Freeman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy shit! This book was amazing! You defiantly need to read the first book before you pick this one up.

In the first book we have PJ falling in love with Luke. Well Luke and a bunch of lies. In the beginning of this book PJ is still willing to give Luke one more try and boy does she try. Luke says he is going to ease her into the pain but when they go to the club he goes all out. At least thats what it seems like to me and PJ didn't like it either. Thats when she realizes that this is only the beginning. Luke thinks that this session is easing her into it but it was already way too much for her. So she wants out. GOOD FOR HER!! Luke was getting kind of scary. And boy oh freaking boy does he get worse. He seriously goes crazy. And let me tell you that Lily can write a fantastic lunatic.

BUT PJ's gay neighbors are there to take care of her after the break up and save her from Luke and all of his crazy. So sweet. I love Mika and Elliot to death. Even in the last book I wanted PJ to get rid of Luke and hook up with them. Now they didn't quite get there in this book but the feelings are on the table and I am one happy reader.

I loved this book. I was a little scared of the first book, I mean I still loved it but this one was so much better. I love the different POVs. I LOVE that I honestly feel like I was in the characters minds. It was really cool to be in Luke's mind as he slowly lost his and I loved seeing Mika and Elliot fall in love with PJ and vise versa. I seriously loved the POVs.

I can not wait for the next book. I need me some more Mika and Elliott. I can't wait to see how that relationship plays out and what eventually happens to Luke. Fantastic book!

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