Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review: Venomous

Venomous Venomous by Penelope Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was loooooooong. I read it on my kindle so I don't know exactly how long but GR says 652 pages. Thats hella long for an alien book. Also let me say that it is NOT smut. At least not what I would consider smut. There was some sex yes. It's defiantly not suitable for younger readers but I like me some more smut when I read about aliens. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed reading it but I wish it was a little more smutty and a little less long.

Lumen is a human that was taken from Earth. The slavers decide that she is sexually compatible with them so they give her as a price the the slave that wins a fight. The winner, Venomous, is Ra. Im not going to lie, he was weird. All his customs are weird and to top it all off they weren't able to communicate with each other. Lumen has made him a male, which means she is his life mate. Im not going to go in to specifics but he didn't have a gender until he saw her, weird alien.

This all happens in the first 30% of the book Then they are rescued. They go to his home world where there are a lot more weird Ra customs. She somehow makes a few other Ras into males. Blah blah. This all takes a very long time. My problem with the book was Lumen. She fights everything! Venomous is the most protecting, caring, loving, alien. He fights, kills, and endures ridicule from his loved ones for her and she still bitches at him. Ok so she has to take another Ra male as her mate but she openly admits that she's attracted to him and likes him but she doesn't like that he doesn't agree with everything she says so she makes him suffer. Literally it pains a male not to take his mate once she has made him a man. She denies him foreeeeeverrrr. I mean not literally she eventually accepts him but it's ridiculous how long she takes. These men do everything for her. She is a pampered princess and treats her men like shit. I am not a fan of her.

I would have liked the actually storyline if not for her. The whole Ra thing was pretty cool and I love the way the mates treated her. I just hated her. And I hated the length. Maybe if I liked the heroine I would not have minded how long the book was but since I didn't, I was pushing myself to finish the book.

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