Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: The Serpent Prince

The Serpent Prince The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Probably some spoilers..

I have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the first half of it and I kind of hated the second.

So we have a country girl, Lucy, who stumbles on a naked severely injured man, Simon. She brings him back to her house and helps him heal. He is not at all what a gentleman should be. He speaks his mind and is rather funny. I loved their banter as they got to know each other in her home. It was adorable. He seemed to bring out Lucy's own self. She was use to just going about her day, taking care of her fathers home, she never really thought about what she wanted told do. And she made Simon wish for redemption or something close to that. She made him hope for something good in his life.

The problem is that Simon has people wanting to kill him and when they show up in the country and almost hit Lucy, he leaves. Then he decides he can't live without her and he goes back to her and begs her to marry him. She of course loves him so she agrees and moves to London with him... I got super excited that the couple in this book was getting married half way through it. Usually that doesn't happen until the very, very end. But honestly after they got married the book kind of went downhill in my eyes. Simon was off trying to find the men that killed his brother. He was sneaking away at night and having to keep Lucy in the dark. He was so stinking determined that he wouldn't listen to anyone, even when Lucy tries to find a way to help with out him having to duel.

Then Lucy find out that Simon is killing people in duels and she freaks out.. as I'm sure any lady in that time would.. but she goes on and on about how it's this huge sin and how it'll damn his soul.. and yeah that just annoyed me.. Although I do understand that that's how a respectable lady would act back then but geez I don't want to read about it.

SO I really don't know how to rate this book. I honestly loved the first half. I loved Simon's wit and I loved how Lucy responded to it. But I just can't get over how much I disliked the second half... And the ending was so corny. bleh. This is the first book by Hoyt that I haven't been excited over. So I liked half of it so I'll give it 3 stars. If I was rating just the first half it would be 5 but the second half would be 1 or 2 so 3 stars is my final answer :)

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