Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Review: Shadow Rider

Shadow Rider Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this book more than I did. The concept is intriguing. The shadow walking thing and how the family works as well not a mafia but pretty much a mafia. But I kind of did not like this book at all.

Francesca was too good to be true. It was just annoying. There is so much I could say but It would turn into a rant and I'm trying to stop doing that. She just annoyed me. She had this badd ass mafia esk guy and all she worried about was protecting him. She had a knife to her throat and all she would think about was getting blood on his coat.. Thats just freak obnoxious. She also had some guy out to get her and she was too worried about him getting to Stefano. Even though she has seen many, many times that he isn't a man you can fuck with. Plus he has a bazillion family members that all stick together for protection. It just didn't make sense that she was that worried about him. It was almost insulting.

And Stefano.. I know I say I like Alpha males but maybe I don't. At least not this one. I understand the caveman thing. Marking your girl, knowing where she's at, buying her clothes, making her live with you. These are all things I can live with but what I can't do is how he got mean. If she didn't do exactly what he wanted exactly when he wanted it, he got enraged. It was scary as hell. I was scared and I was just reading about it. I have no idea how she was so confident that he would never hit her. Blah blah he's totally against hurting women. I don't care. When someone gets that made over the fact that you want to wear panties.. yeah just no. Im getting the eff out of there.

This book had a lot of repetition. Stefano had to talk Francesca into everything. He kept saying he hated repeating himself but he kept doing it. She argued with him over everything.

But what I hated the most was the dialogue. It was so awkward and forced and formal. I hated reading it. I rolled my eyes soo many times. It's been awhile since Ive read a Feehan book and I can't remember if that's how the dialogue always is but I couldn't take it. I won't lie, towards the end I started skimming the conversations. It was just so fake!

So will I read the next book?.. honestly I have no idea. I might try it but if it's like this one I defiantly won't waste 2 days reading it. 2 stars JUST because I really like the shadow walking and the family business. I hated everything about the romance.

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