Saturday, October 10, 2015

Love Bites by Lynsay Sands

I swore I wouldn't read any more after the first one but I got bored today and though I would give this series another try.. and I regret wasting my perfectly good Saturday reading this book.. I hate that I have a thing about always finishing books.  Otherwise I would have put this book down after about 47% into it.  Rachel was annoy.  Etienne was okay.  Nothing special.  Kind of a tool for making her drink bad blood to make her stay longer.  And the whole sausage/penis scene.. not cool.  That was weird. One of the weirdest scenes I've ever read and I tend to read some weird shit.  Oh my god and can we just take a moment and remember the "wet dream" conversation.  Geez.  I am not kidding, so freaking awkward. Rachel is a freaking adult women talking about wet dreams with a man she doesn't know and then a room full of strangers.. really? JUST SAY DREAM!!  Or hell even erotic dream would have been better.  Why oh why did you have to add the word wet in there?? Even in this review I feel like a child typing wet dream.  awkward.

One word to describe the book: Awkward.

I hate giving 1 star reviews.. I really do.. but there just wasn't anything I liked... It wasn't even funny.  If the story is going to be shit at least make the characters funny.  So I am done with this series.  I am sorry.  I tried.  But two books with 1 star reviews.. it's just not for me.