Monday, May 30, 2016

Review: Blood Destiny

Blood Destiny Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So one of my GR friends Jilly read this book and in her first sentence of her review she said something about murder, blood, torture, rape and explicit sex... so obviously I had to read it. But then I went and saw that it was $4.99.. meh not gonna happen but then the amazon/book gods sought fit to give me a $50 Amazon gift card so I went book buying crazy :)

This book did not disappoint. There was defiantly murder, defiantly blood and torture and there was the unfortunate rape. Those nasty Dark Ones. The book starts off with our heroine witnessing a baby being ripped from her chest (yes her chest, not belly), a "man" drinking blood, and then that same man killing one of the babies... SO I though well we are off to a good start. No I'm kidding I really thought "What the F#@* am I reading". HA. I was warned by several people that this book was intense in it's bloodiness but I just don't think I had the right picture in my mind and with that opening I got a little scared.

But then she meets Nathaniel and everything gets better.. I mean there is still the blood and gore but theres also the whole insta-love/soul mate thing going on. So it's a happier bloody story.

I will say that Jocelyn got on my nerves a lot. Im pretty sure I would have been a bawling mess if I was in her shoes but I don't want to read about that! I want a strong female lead and Jocelyn was not that. But that's okay. It happens.

I will be reading the next book.. but probably not for awhile.. just because of the price.

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