Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: First Fruits

First Fruits First Fruits by Amanda Carney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well I did enjoy reading this book buuuuut I hated Parsley.

We start with a sadistic a-hole sire vamp named Patrick. Seriously this guy is nasty. He enjoys having sex with the male vampires he sires and he thinks of them as sons and they think of him as father. It's messed up. Oh and there was one time one of his "sons" Bane pissed him off so Patrick made him bite off his finger. It was graphic. Yuck. Anyways so this Patrick guy has one of his favorite sons Jesse go find this girl and that's where Parsley comes in.

She has been on the run basically her whole life. Which I will admit is sad. She hasn't really had friends and she has zero family, again sad. But does she really have to blush at everything? I think not. Blush a few times, okay. But I felt like I was seeing the world blush every other paragraph. It was getting redundant. Then the awkward, blushing girl straight out asks Jesse if he's asking her out. ... How does that happen? If she's this blushing little girl too shy to talk to anyone then how is she totally fine being upfront and forward with the guy thats making her blush?. It bothered me.

Okay so they "date" (he freaking takes her to her workplace) Jesse gets to know her and decides Hey I like this girl. Why does Patrick get to have her? Some other stuff happens but I hate spoilers.

Also CLIFFHANGER! I know it warns you about it in the blurb but heads up it's a pretty bad one. Over all though I did enjoy the book. It is on the darker side but still very entertaining. I will defiantly read the next book.

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