Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Review: Renegade Leo: A Scifi Alien Shifter Romance

Renegade Leo: A Scifi Alien Shifter Romance Renegade Leo: A Scifi Alien Shifter Romance by Delores Diamond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

AlrightI actually enjoyed this book. I was a little worried about it mainly because I seem to be reading a lot of alien books and most of them aren't that great, but this one I liked.

So we have Astrid, who is an engineer on her ship. She works for a terrible man who is demeaning and thinks he knows everything. Well they go to land on Kartak and the boss man won't listen to the warnings and the ship ends up crashing. That's where we meet Leo. He sees the ship falling from the stars and knows it is his destiny. So he goes searching for Astrid, finds her and takes her back to his cave.

They can't communicate and everyone knows how much I love that. They still get along but they get a translator pretty quickly. When they go to save Rhea there's enemies and then we meet Leo's brother. Lots and lots of action in this book. I won't tell you guys exactly because I hate spoilers but the book was never boring.

The only real thing that bothered me was Astrid was a tad bitchy. She was lying to Leo saying she was going to stay to get him to do things but in her mind she was trying to come up with a plan to leave. That reaction I guess seems natural. But Leo was just so freaking sweet that it made me hate her a little bit. The other thing that bothered me was that she was planning on leaving and then did a 180 and wanted to be queen.

But other than that I really enjoyed reading this book and I will defiantly be reading other books from this author!

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