Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild Born to Be Wild by Christine Warren
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sad face :(

This book didn't fit at all with the series. I was a bit confused as to why it was added on. It was extremely slow and the FMC was annoying. I hate women that can't let men help them out. She got so freaking mad when the MMC told her to run when there was danger. She was a human and if she was shot, she would die. If they shot him, he could change to his lion and heal. It's the logical thing to do. She would just have been a distraction for him. I absolutely can't stand when women are all "I'm a full grown woman. I can take care of myself" but while she's doing this she is screaming and running away... that's childish. Defiantly not something a full grown woman should do.

I am extremely sad that this is how the series ended. At least I think it's the last book? But I have liked this series a lot for the most part. The last couple books have been a little disappointing but other than that I think the series was fun.

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