Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: The Mane Squeeze

The Mane Squeeze The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my God, I LOVED this book! Shelly Laurenston is my new favorite author. I love everything she writes. It all makes me laugh.

Lock is the greatest shifter ever on the face of the Earth. Gwen was hilariously crazy. Like she was kind of a nut job. She was terrified of doctors, thought they were going to harvest her organs. Im not quite sure why that was so funny to me but it was. Lock was extremely laid back. He is one of the best written bear shifters I have ever read. Lock was huge, he was curious about everything, he loved honey, he took all the drama in and didn't really care about it, and he played with his toes. Seriously, I am in love like I have never been in love before. I loved how he was with Gwen and I loved how little he cared about all of her brothers drama.

I am almost too in love with this book to talk about it rationally. I keep wanting to say I love it and then my mind goes all gooey and lovey and I want to marry Lock. So this is all I'm going to say. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I LOVE LOCK! I loved the relationship he had with Gwen (even if I hate her a little bit ;) This is by far my favorite boo from the series. I honestly don't think it can get any better.

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