Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Risk

Risk Risk by Dannika Dark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You defiantly have to read the whole Mageri series before you read this book. If you haven't read that series yet then go read it and do not read this book! And because I don't want to ruin anything this is going to be a quick review.

I really do love Simon. He was the same cocky bad boy that we all fell in love with in the Mageri series. This time we get to find out a little bit more about him... even though I will say that there wan't a lot of time spent on his past or what exactly happened to him. We kind of get a quick summary and then thats it.

I really loved Ella. She is not at all what I was expecting. Even though I should have known that she would have to be a bad ass in her own way to be able to keep up with Simon. She had a certain disability that for most people would make them weaker in the mage world but Ella rocked it. And when Simon started helping her, she kicked freaking ass.

I want to say that I loved this book because I love the Mageri series, I love Dannika Dark and I have loved Simon since the first time he swaggered into Justice's house but I just didn't love it. I felt a little disappointed actually. The story was fantastic and it defiantly drew me in but I felt like the romance was played down. I understand that Simon never had any intention of settling down but they never had more than a few kisses and the ending?.. I felt extremely unsatisfied by how the relationship was left. It almost felt like a cliffhanger. it wasn't! But it just didn't seem like there was a real conclusion.

I hope we get more about Simon and Ella in future books. I really want to see where they end up. I think I liked Ella just as much as I liked Silver. So I'm defiantly excited to see where it's all going.

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