Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review: The Curse of Tenth Grave

The Curse of Tenth Grave The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I was a tad disappointed by this book. It wasn't a bad book at all and was completely entertaining but I just felt underwhelmed. I always seem to have this problem with book series that don't have a set end. There were some important things that happened so I can't say that it's a filler but thats what this book felt like to me.

Charlie has her memories back and she learned a bunch of stuff about Reyes when her father passed through her. Big stuff, stuff that she doesn't want to talk to Reyes about. So the first bit of the book is Reyes and Charlie keeping secrets from each other. That annoyed me right off the bat. I love them together. They have too many ups and downs and in the end if they had just been honest with each other, it all would have worked out. They just need to get their shit together.

Like every other Charlie book, there is alot going on. Theres a couple murders, a cursed orphanage, Reyes may have another child, a crazy god running amuck, secrets, Osh almost dies.. twice, there's a young picture of Rocket, they get to see Beep, Garrett is following UB, and Reyes and Charlie make up and have a very good night full of sexy time. So yeah.. there is ALOT. So like I said, the book is by no means boring. I just felt like there was too much side jobs and not enough of the main plot line.

I will always love Charlie. I don't think it's possible to read one of these books with out laughing. I warn my coworkers when I'm going to listen to a Charlie book because I can't help but laugh out loud. SO I loved it. I am so freaking excited that the next book is coming out in January!!! WOOT. seriously I would have been super sad if I would have had to wait another year for the next one. So thank you Darynda Jones for that!

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