Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Elias

Elias Elias by Sabrina Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kindle Unlimited books are always a hit or miss with me. I have read a book by Sabrina Paige before andI enjoyed it and I enjoyed this one as well.

River is a movie star running away from a cheating fiancé and a mom who takes all her money. She runs to Vegas and thats where she meets Elias. Elias is "celebrating" his Navy retirement in Vegas. He was injured my a bomb explosion and lost his leg. He also does not want to retire. He sees River and he has no clue who she is and she loves that. They share a hot kiss and then they go their separate ways. Until the morning when he saves her from a swarm of paparazzi. River has no where to go. She invites herself to go to West Bend with Elias and thats where their relationship grows.

The book was seriously sweet and extremely steamy. Elias is one of my new favorite book boyfriends. He acts like a tough military man but then he goes and does super sweet things for River.. the whole picnic in the mountains! Just amazing. And to be honest I thought River would drive me nuts but I kind of loved her too. She did NOT act like a "star". She was very down to Earth and she was generally a funny girl.

I am most defiantly going to read on in the series. I am mad at myself for not picking this one up sooner!

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