Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: The Demon You Know

The Demon You Know The Demon You Know by Christine Warren
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was disappointed with this book. I liked Rule in the last book and I was excited for him to have his own book. But this one didn't work for me.

Abby was terrible. She was whiney and rude and just plain dumb. She was having a pretty bad day. I get it. I would freak the hell out if I found out I had a fiend inside me too. But my god she went bat shit crazy. She was yelling and insulting the only freaking people who could save her. Telling Rule how unholy he is. And poor Tessa.. If I was Tessa I would have left the damn thing inside her. I mean I know she couldn't in order to save the worlds but still Abby was a complete bitch. To everyone. I hated her. It's been a while since I have hated a character as much as I hate Abby. Also she ran. I can't stand that. She is being protected by a pack of werewolves, a demon, and a witch and she runs to her brother.. WTF. just stupid. Invite your brother to where you are but don't run away. I know she thought everyone was lying to her but would you really take the chance that they weren't? hell no. Because if it's true and you die the whole effing world dies with you, you stupid cow. UGH!!! and then later on, she gets bored, yes bored and decides there's no harm going to lunch with a friend. Even though everyone told her to stay put (inside a freaking monstrosity of a house with everything at your disposal) Her logic though.. she's going with a werewolf so it has to be safe. Dumb bitch gets her self captured. I also want to point out that it wasn't like she was there for months.. or weeks.. it was days... I can't remember exactly how many but I want to say 2..

Rule.. well I dunno. I don't think I have any feelings about him at all.. I hate that he won't age and Abby will. I hate immortal couples that don't have a way around that. Even if I hated Abby.

Now that I am writing the review and I have had a couple days to sit on the book, I have no idea why it even got 2 stars.. Maybe just because I love the author and I have loved this series. So I will leave it at 2 stars but really.. it's a 1 star book for me.

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