Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: Fury's Kiss

Fury's Kiss Fury's Kiss by Karen Chance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was soooo much going on in this book.. I really don't feel like I can write a review with out giving anything away. So I am just going to talk about randomness and then be done. You're welcome.

I have loved Dory in the first two books but in this one she kind of annoyed me, just a little bit. I mean I still love her but she is 500 years old.. 500.. And I feel like she acts like a child sometimes. I get her daddy issues and I understand that for 500 years everyone has looked at her with contempt but idk I just think after so long that you wouldn't have to point it out every time your dad upsets you. I mean EVERY time Mircea did anything that wasn't perfect she would point out that it has been like that for 500 years.. That is completely unnecessary. OH! and when anyone would try to talk she freaking interrupted them. Like the whole effing story! So a story that should have taken maybe eh 2 pages turns into 7 because everyone has to tell her to be patient and listen. Just annoying.

The opposite happened with Mircea.. I use to HATE him. I have read all the Cassie books and I just can't freaking stand him, like at all. But in this book I have grown kinda fond to him. In my opinion he is a fantastic father. Everything he has ever done was only to help Dory. And lets be honest, she is a complete bitch to him and instead of getting upset (well really Mircea never gets upset about anything but still) he remains calm and I just think that he deals with everything really well. A lot better than I would ever be able to. So I won't say that I love him and I still don't want him to end up with Cassie but I respect him. I understand why he did a lot of the things that he did in the other series.

There were times that I got completely lost.. There would be a lot of action going on and then she was waking up in a bed.. Nothing about her passing out or anything. For awhile I thought that all the bad things that were happening was a dream brought on by the fairy wine. It does explain everything in the end but it was just frustrating not knowing what the hell was going on.

I can't believe I have gone this long with out talking about Louis-Cesare! He is perfect. Seriously. I love him. I also kind of love Ray.. yeahhhhh he was kinda awesome in this book. He was funny and he kicked a lot of zombie butt. I think he is a great side character.

What I love about these books is that they line up with the other series really well. Karen Chance did a fantastic job at tying the stories together. Right now both series are around the same place in the timeline.. Well I think Dory's goes a little farther. I am excited to see what happens next in Cassie's story and see if Dory will be there. I would think she would have to be because of what happens at the end. I just think its going to be interesting.

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