Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Fire Rising

Fire Rising Fire Rising by Donna Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I hate it when a female character is in danger and someone tells her one little thing about the male and the female runs away. It happens so often in books and I just can't stand it. This is the second book this week that I have read where this happens. EVERYTHING could have been avoided if Sammie didn't run from the freaking mountain. OMG I just remembered that she ran TWICE! She came to her sister just to rest but then found all the dragon guys and they were going to help her and she ran! To be fair the first time she didn't know those guys were dragons.. but still. She was at a huge castle filled with hulking men and a sister who promised they could help her out.

So I hated Sammie she was TSTL... Tristan was a good character though. He was extremely stubborn and fought the attraction to Sammie but he still protected her. Even when she was being a twit. So props to him because if I had gotten someone to a safe place and they ran, I would be like okay see ya, Enjoy your captivity and eventual death you stupid, stupid girl. But of course Tristan didn't do that he got all his dragon peeps and his warrior peeps to get her back. Sigh. The trouble woman cause.

I didn't feel the connection with Sammie and Tristan. I know that she was his Dragon Mate or whatever and there was the whole insta lust going on. But most of the book was with them apart and the one time they actually spent a night together, their interactions were glossed over. Not the sex part but the part where they actually you know talked and got to know each other. I know I have said this a million times but insta-love doesn't bother me if it was written right... this time it wasn't written right. Because I hated it. Tristan denied Sammie up until the end and Sammie kept running away.

Really one of the only things I did love about the book was Tristan and Ian. They had a WAY better connection than Tristan and Sammie. But I hated how dejected Ian was when Tristan couldn't remember him. Think about how awful that would be... to go 400 or however many years thinking your brother was gone, only to get him back and he has no clue who you are. Absolutely devastating and I have always loved Ian. SO I was so excited when Tristan slowly.. very slowly starts to get glimpses of himself as a warrior and him with Ian. I also loved when they fought together. Because it was obvious they had done it a million times before because they were perfectly in sync with each other. Is there anything greater than brotherly love? well yeah... but it defiantly wasn't the romantic love in this book. The brotherly love was so much better.

As with the last book I also loved having the warriors involved. I love it when an author has multiple series and they all connect together. My little heart gets excited when a character from a past book shows up. "I know him! I know her!" Yes I actually say this out loud every time. Donna Grant weaves the characters together so well. I think that would be difficult. Maybe it's not. I dunno but it seems like it would be hard.

You defiantly need to read the warrior books first. I know I said that in the last books review but it's true. 1-the characters all show up and it's so much better to know who they are. 2- spoilers and lots of them. Especially in this one since Tristan is so tied with the warriors.

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