Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur

The Darkest Kiss The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quinn is back.. I hate Quinn. I don't understand why on earth she would ever let him back in her life. He manipulated her freaking mind! Honestly this book would be so much better if they just did away with the romance completely.
1. because I seriously can not stand Quinn and because he has been in the books since the first one, I have a feeling she will end up with him forevers. 2. Because Riley says she wants the whole white picket fence thing but she won't settle down. 3. The crime mysteries are enough to keep me happy with out the romance. And thats saying something since I usually only read romances. But it is just so freaking terrible in this book that it I don't even want it around. It just makes me think so much less of Riley.

In the last book we found out that Quinn has been using their mind connection to plant subliminal messages like; Don't go to the bars and stay away from Kellan. And then he uses it to make her go home or he tries to but she shifts and it didn't work as well. Of course he also hates that during the moon craze she has to sleep around (which I also think is shitty but I have given up on that rant a few books back.) She is a werewolf and that is just who she is. So in a way Riley thinks that he is trying to change a part of her. (again I don't agree.. he just wants you to sleep with only him. but whatevs.) My point is that Riley thinks all these things but as soon as he brushes a finger across her lips, she just doesn't care anymore? Bullshit. Have some self respect.

Anyways... rant over..ish. I actually really liked the rest of the book. The killer was interesting and I suppose I can't give a book a low rating just because I hate the romance can I?... YUP I can. Because it seriously makes me want to stop reading the series. Just know that it could have been 4 stars. But I hate Quinn and now I also kinda dislike Riley.

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