Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Midnight's Temptation

Midnight's Temptation Midnight's Temptation by Donna Grant
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There will be spoilers and this is going to be a rant because this book pissed me the F off. But serious spoilers. Like MAJOR ones. So don't read farther unless you've read the book.

Okay so the first part of the book wasn't terrible... It wasn't good but it defiantly wasn't terrible. I hated that Aisley had to keep who she really was from Phelan. But she HAD to. He would have killed her if she would have told him. So I get it. Plus she did run away for 2 months AND she tried to get away after the first night. So I mean she tried. I was okay with her and everything else at this point. Whatever there is some lying but I figured she would tell Phelan and then sure he would be pissed. Because who the hell wouldn't be? But I thought he would at least listen to her explain!! But NOPE the fuckface didn't listen to a single word she said. He completely ignored her and walked away. This all happens after he plans to take her to his cabin and spend lots and lots of naked time together because he cares so much about her. He just walks away. I HATE HIM. This is something I can't get over because..

Duh Jason gets her and tortures her within an inch of her life over and over again. And did give away information? NOPE! Because she's a fucking good person and legitimately loves the asshole. And even later on in the battle, Jason has her convinced that he brought her daughter back to life, she still lies to him and tries to figure out a way to save them both. Meanwhile the douche is watching Aisley battle with her emotions over he daughter. It's written all over her face that she is in some serious pain and he doesn't fucking care. Because a woman who is in league with the devil can't feel that kind of pain so it must be fake.

OH and the freaking best part. Jason throws some magic fire or something towards the douche and Aisley jumps in front of it. Clearly she's evil. It's so obvious by everything that she has done up to this point that she is just pure freaking evil. So she just keeps adding to her evil-ness by gasp learning the spell from the ancients that will trap those weird ghost/mist things while she is laying on the ground DYING . Only then does the douche realize that he loves her and doesn't want her to die. But too fucking bad because she does die.

Course she comes back from the dead because she has crazy phoenix powers or some shit. And she is totally fine with the way the douche treated her. Because who would be mad? Certainly not me. NOOOO. I would defiantly want to marry the douche 3 days after he wanted to kill me. Obviously she is 100% sane and most defiantly made the right decision. Freaking crazy bitch.

So this is the story of how the harebrained chick fell in love with the douche.

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