Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: Built

Built Built by Jay Crownover
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

hm.. I don't know how to rate this book. I won't lie and say I loved it, because I totally didn't. I almost stopped reading it when I found out the story involved a child. I don't enjoy reading books that revolve around children. But I kept reading anyways. I have been putting this book off too long.

I HATED Sayer. She was so freaking annoying. She had daddy issues.. okay... get over it. She was way too old to still act the way she did. I guess I didn't like her because I didn't connect with her AT ALL. It's not that I never wanted to impress my father, it's that my father is more of a nut than I am and when I told him I wanted to be a professional cheerleader when I was 15, he paid for lessons and bought me pom poms. And when I was 16 and wanted to be an actress, he again got me lessons and let me join acting clubs. And then when I was 17 and wanted to be a vet, he literally went and got be 4 cats.. why? I have no fucking clue but my point is my father supported everything I have ever wanted to do. Even when it changed every 5 minutes. It sucks that Sayer's father was such a douche but at some point you just gotta move on. Why would anyone paint their walls beige because it's what her father would have wanted? I painted my walls every couple months when I was a kid (I'm not exaggerating). Sayer's father is dead he can't yell at her anymore. I would think that she would want to break free and for once do what she wants!

She has a hot tatted up guy who freaking loves and adores her, he's doing everything to make her a part of her life and she refuses him. You stupid skankwad. She loves him but she's afraid that he won't like the real her.. when she becomes the female version of her father? Gag. I hate daddy drama. Especially since the guy was dead and to me that means she can be herself with out being worried that he'll be disappointed or whatever. Old habits die hard? That's the only thing that makes sense I guess. I tried to put myself in her shoes but I couldn't.

Zeb was amazing. He was sweet and caring even when Sayer was pushing him away. I would have bitched slapped her. But obviously he didn't do that. He is a good guy and way too good for Sayer's drama. sigh.. she does change later so I guess whatever. Yay for them. I still hate her though.

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