Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review: Casey's Warriors

Casey's Warriors Casey's Warriors by Ann Mayburn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So I have been trying out alien books because I freaking love the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon. I can not get enough of those big blue horned alien men. But so far I have not been able to find any that I enjoy.

If I am going to read an alien smut book then I need it to be funny. I can't seriously read an alien book, I just can't. This book was looking like it was going to be kinda funny. Lorn came to Earth and he didn't know Earth sayings, he claimed to be a model, living with a house full of male model (which were actually other aliens) and he was just adorkably awkward. I loved it. Then he took Casey to his ship and shit started to get real... I did not want to read a bazillion pages about what was wrong on his planet and why Lorn needed her to bond with him and a bunch of other males. I did not want to read about their alien politics. I also got super tired of them explaining the bond thing. I feel like it was explain waaaaay too much.

The point of that little rant is that this book did not do it for me. The smut wasn't even all that hot. Sometimes it was but for the most part ehhh... Mainly because you had to hear Casey reject her desire. Bitch you were turned on my multiple men. Own up to that shit. Just because thats not how Earth does it doesn't mean you can't be honest with yourself and enjoy some freaking alien bonding.

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