Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review: Walk the Edge

Walk the Edge Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. Was it perfect? No.. but I still liked it a lot. And I liked it more than I liked the first one.. I think.

Razor was an interesting character. From the last book he seemed so broken and so I was happy to see him grow up and find the answers that he needed. Although he didn't act broken in this book. He had anger issues, sure but I kinda feel like they were over played. I don't know how to explain my point but I just feel like he was kind of dramatic... Breanna was also a pretty cool character. I liked that she was nerdy and that she had a super brain. Not really what you expect a biker to fall for but Razor falls, and he falls hard.

I know that this is a YA book.. but some parts of it almost felt too juvenile. But I'm almost 10 years older than Breanna (I am super bummed that I just typed that out.) and I never had a super brain nor did I ever have issues with my family. I also would never let my family keep me from someone I love.. but at the same time my parents would never act the way hers did.. ok so kind of a mini rant.. but her parents were the absolute worst. They have completely ignored her the whole time. She even goes to her mom to ask for help with the blackmail but her mom blows her off. And then they have the nerve to get all pissy when she finds someone that will help her. They all of a sudden get strict and want to get overbearing in her life. When they haven't done anything with her in the past? When they have relied on Breanna to basically raise her younger siblings. Seriously Breanna does everything for her younger siblings and her parents freak out on her. Uh.. pretty sure they owe her a hell of a lot. It infuriated me.

I have read a few MC books and they are usually too rough for me to handle. I like seeing the club through a younger vantage point. IT puts the club scene in a different perspective and I think that Katie McGarry does a really great job at making it seem like it could be real and like with most of her books I love how she builds the relationship between the two characters. It isn't insta love.. sure they fall in love kind of quickly but they are both going through some intense situations and they are doing it together so it makes sense for them to form the love bond quicker than 2 kids going to high school, just taking classes. They lean on each other and learn to trust each other despite the baggage that they carry. I don't know.. it was just kind of beautiful to watch two closed off people open up.

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