Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: The Shadows

The Shadows The Shadows by J.R. Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Alright, I am about to say something that might make a few peeps upset. It defiantly goes against what most of my GR friends are saying. I want to say I hated this book because Trez's mate dies.. but I also believe that if J.R. Ward wrote another women coming back from that dead I would have hated it more. I don't know if that makes sense. But okay.. like Rhage and Mary, I love them. Rhage is my favorite brother by far but lets be real Mary shouldn't be alive and then there's Jane who is a ghost... I can't remember if there's more but I just remember being annoyed that those characters came back to life. Not because I want them dead but just because why.. Why write their death only to have them come back? Why put characters/readers through that. Again I really don't know how to explain it but I am glad that Selena didn't magically come back from the dead.. Geez I just heard that in my head and I hate myself a little bit for it. Do I wish that there was a magical cure? or maybe a pill that makes it so she doesn't freeze up as often but will still live? Abso-freaking-lutley. But I am glad that she didn't come back from death and I am glad that she was able to see Trez in the fade(or whatever is before the fade) and help him not move on, but to accept that he was still needed on Earth for his brother.

It's extremely sad and I cried like a freaking baby. Like heaving sobs.. It was embarrassing, mainly because I was listening to the book at work and I am not a pretty crier. I wish that Trez could have had a better ending. I liked his character and I really liked Selena. I wish that they lived happily ever after and had a million children but I think Trez gave her the best ending he could. He made the few days before her death beautiful instead of sad and depressing.

Then there's iAm.. He didn't have as big of a story but it was still strong. He has been doing everything for Trez his whole life. I love that he finally does something for himself... Though I won't lie.. I can't remember the girls name... oops. But I am still happy for him! And I love that Trez realized that for once he is helping out his brother. Because if Trez would have died along with his mate, I don't think iAm would have survived.

This book defiantly had a different feel than the rest of them. It was sad and very emotional. Especially for a character that wasn't part of the main brothers. There was even Rhage with his weird emotions making the book even sadder. So while I do think that Selena's death was justified and that iAm got his HEA, I still can't give the book a super high rating.. The sadness of this book totally brought down my mood. I don't like that. I like being happy! 3.2 stars :)

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