Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs by Alexa Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wanna know why I love Alexa Riley and will always, ALWAYS give her books a chance? Because she is 100% honest in her summaries or when she answers questions.

Warning: It’s just as crazy as it sounds and just as over-the-top ridiculous. If you want to get silly with us and spend a little time away from reality, grab this one up!

Yes most of her books are completely ridiculous, but she doesn't try to make it come off as anything else. I know going into one of her books exactly what to expect. If it's going to be extremely corny, an all out sexathon with no story (Their Stepsister), or just crazy, she freaking lets you know! So when I opened this book and read the full summary.. I knew it wasn't going to be a serious, intellectual book. So as I'm reading it, I don't get pissy about the dialogue being a tad bit cheesy and I don't get pissy about how silly Molly is for running off.. I just don't. I read this book because it was short, Phillip was all alpha male, and because I knew it was going to be just a little bit ridiculous.

I won't say that I love all of her books.. because I totally don't. But I will say that I give most of her books a chance mainly because I love her honesty and the fact that she doesn't sugar coat her books into being thinkers. It's freaking nice not to think sometimes :)

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