Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: Dark Planet Warriors: Escape

Dark Planet Warriors: Escape Dark Planet Warriors: Escape by Anna Carven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**Spoilers for all three books. I'm basically giving everything away.**

I have been looking for another Barbarian Ice Planet book for awhile now. This is not that but it still was pretty good. Even though I wouldn't call it smut.. There wasn't a whole lot of smutty ness going on but I still enjoyed the story. I hate when authors break up a story this way though. If I didn't have kindle unlimited I would never pay .99 for each one of these because they are extremely short. So this is my review for all three books.

Abbey works on an asteroid mining station in space. The station gets boarded by some scary aliens. The aliens aren't there for fight they just needed someone to help them repair their ship. They accidentally let loose some giant bug that tries to attack Abbey. Abbey is injured and it may be fatal. The leader of the scary aliens, General Tarak, feels a pull toward Abbey and since it was his fault the big bug was on the station he decides to take Abbey back to his planet to fix her.--- This is basically the whole first book in a paragraph. I decided to read the next book because of Abbey . The last couple books I have read, I have hated the FMC But Abbey I love. She is laying on the ground, bones sticking out of her legs and she it giving Tarak lip. She's funny and sarcastic and never shuts up. So I love her.

In the next book Abbey and Tarak are on his home planet.. for the life of me I can't remember what its called, starts with a K though. Your welcome. Anyways, the scary aliens (also can't remember what they are, also starts with a K) have super advance technology and Tarak was experimented when he was young, so his blood has nanos in it that help him heal and do all kinds of nifty things. His blood heals Abbey in like a day. But now she has these nanos in her. She is stronger and faster, yay. Tarak has to leave his quarters. He did this because he thought she would be safe. His rooms are made so no one but his blood can get in or out. He tells her not to leave but does she listen? nope. My liking of her goes down just a bit. She wants to find a way off the planet(well they are on a space station right next to the planet but you get me) so she leaves his rooms and the medical aliens snatch her up because when she first got there they realized that human women are compatible with their dying race. She fights them and my liking of her goes back up. She is strapped to a table and is telling the aliens thats she's going to knee them in the balls. So I love her again. She is saved and this is when they first sleep together... in a pool.. underwater. yeah... strange.-- thats the end of the second book.

This book Tarak wants to change some things for his race and he wants to make sure Abbey is safe. They go to meet up with some lost prince. Tarak declares Abbey his mate and goes all alpha crazy when Abbey tries to show the prince how to shake hands. Tarak and the prince know that their people are going to try to invade Earth to force women to experiment on and breed with. Freaking sickos. Tarak and the prince will have none of that. They are going to go to Earth to establish peace and they are basically separating from their race. There's a lot of fun things that happen in between. The Prince is pretty funny because he's weird, kind of off in the head, so I like him a lot. They get to Earth, find out that Abbey might be preggers. Tarak is adorable when he finds out. Honestly it ends kind of fast. But whatever. yay for humans that are pregnant with alien babies!

Okay so this ended up being WAY longer than I thought it was going to. If someone actually read all that, I'm sorry. :) I guess I should have written a review for each, but oh well. I will defiantly read the next book, which I think is a full length novel and it's from the Prince's POV.

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