Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Rush

Rush Rush by Shae Ross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my first time reading anything by this author and that always scares me just a little bit but this one was pretty good.

I love football romances. Although it really wasn't about football at all, just a football player. I think soccer was more involved than football. Priscilla Winslow helps Preston Rush when he is getting beaten in an ally and the police catch them and they spend a night in jail. Priscilla gets suspended from soccer and Rush doesn't get in any trouble at all. She sent him a letter asking him to come help her at her hearing with the athletic board and he didn't show up. She goes to confront him... and this is where my problem with the book started. It's completely obvious that Preston didn't get the letter, but she still yells and throws a fit like it is all his fault. That bothered me. Especially since he is continuously telling her that he will help and do everything he can to get the suspension lifted. AND it was her choice to jump in and help. I know that it was the right thing to do but she could have called the cops or I dunno found help some other way than beating the guy with her staff... just saying. Take responsibilities for your actions.

I really enjoyed the story itself but it was too hard for me to look past my hatred of Pricilla. She acted like a child the whole book. Instead of talking things out with Preston she shot things at him with the hotdog slinger, yelled at him, left him at a banquet, and refused to talk to him when she got jealous. This girl is a senior in college. That puts her around 21, right? Or somewhere close to it. I'm thinking that if you see the star football player take a picture with some girl you shouldn't ignore him. First off they weren't really even dating officially yet. Second, how do you know whats really going on if you don't talk to him. Act like an adult. Geez. I have pictures with my college football players. two of which are now playing for the NFL. So I mean I would think she should just expect people to want pictures. Its widely known that he had NFL agents all over him.

Sorry that turned into a mini rant but I hate it when girls act that way. Preston was honestly a good guy. Not once did he do anything that should make her doubt that he was into her. He didn't tell her the whole truth but she said she understood that.. so other than that he was pretty much perfect. He was way, way too good for her. Especially if he wants the relationship long term. Good lord if he ends up a huge NFL star.. think of all the women that he will be surrounded with. Priscilla will loose her ever loving mind.

So obviously I didn't love the book. It's hard to love a book when you hate a main character. But I will say that the writing was fantastic and if Priscilla acted just a little more her age, I would have probably loved the book. It's still defiantly worth the read though.

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