Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

So I stopped reading this about half way through this morning. I was going to mark it as DNF and I started listening to another book... but I kept thinking about this one. I had to know who the killer was so I came back to it and finished it today.

So it says something about KA's writing, that even though I HATED the book.. I still had to finish it. I am going to attempt to write a review that doesn't turn into a complete rant. I wasn't going to write a review at all because most of the problems I had with this book are the same as the last one. So instead of going on a huge rant like I really, really want to, I am just going to list my issues... thats totally better.. right? They are not going to be in the order that they happened because.. well just because.

1. He calls her fat and old.. and then just expects her to get over it because he was having a bad day. NO.
2. She has troubles sleeping. She wakes up and is restless. So instead of laying in bed and maybe waking Tate up, she gets up and goes to the couch. He comes out and is pissed because she was trying to do a nice thing.. She actually apologized to him! NO
3. He didn't tell her about Jonas. I understand the reasoning but she was living in his house... so I'm think he should have mentioned it if they were serious enough for her to be staying there.
4. Okay and the thing that really, really ruined the book for me and it was the same thing with the last one is: She makes everyone EVERYONE repeat everything. They could be in the middle of a flipping conversation and Tate or whoever will say something that either throws her off or idk but she'll say sorry? and make him repeat himself. And she does this literally all the time. She also says "ummm" when she doesn't want to answer. AND when they are fighting or idk she just whispers "tate" instead of coming up with an argument. She just repeats his name over and over again.

The heroine is basically the same as the one from the first book. I honestly don't remember the story of the first girl because I hated the book so much that afterwards I put it out of my mind. But I DO remember that she made everyone repeat everything and she said um all the time and instead of fighting she just whispered the dudes name. I was hoping that this one would be different but it wasn't.

I understand loving an alpha male. I freaking LOVE her Rock Chick series. Those boys are totally over powering and I get the appeal. But for some reason Tate just comes off as an asshole, not an alpha male. So while I love KA, this series is not for me. At all. Unless the next heroine doesn't say sorry every 5 seconds. I think I'll move on to one of her other series. I really don't think I'll ever come back to this one. Maybe one day when I'm extra bored.

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