Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: The Dark Vampire

The Dark Vampire The Dark Vampire by Kate Baxter
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I would have enjoyed this book but... Bria the female MC was TSTL. She annoyed me so many times.

Bria is a dhampir who has been extremely sheltered by her Uncle because a crazy witch named Astrid wants to kill her. So for good reasons right? He has hidden her away and kept her safe for centuries. But Bria isn't cool with that and she sneaks out all the time. Stupid. One night she comes back and her coven is under attack and a slayer slits her throat. Her uncle taker her to the king and the king turns her into a vampire. In walks Jenner and their souls tether. Sigh. There is a whole bunch of drama about Jenner not wanting to hurt her so he stays away from her. She gets all pissy because again she isn't allowed to leave the king's house. So what does she do? She sneaks out and goes to a club to dance, duh! Jenner was there and was shot while he was chasing after her.

Things change after that. Jenner decides that he can fuck her and he does, ALOT and it is hot. I won't lie, I liked the sex scenes. But after that they move to Jenner's apartment and the first night he wants to go out and find this witch and kill her so that Bria doesn't have to stay in the house. Awesome male right? I thought that was pretty cool of him. But Bria was pissed because she wasn't allowed to fight with him. She has had like idk less than 2 weeks of training, she has been a vampire for what 4 weeks? Idk the exact time line but I know that she thinks she's more awesome than she is. Anyways Bria has a brilliant idea, she leaves the apartment and checks into a hotel. If that's not stupid enough, she decides that she is bored and goes out for a stroll... Sigh What do you think happened?

Really the only thing I liked about this book was Jenner. He was pretty sexy, all dark and tortured. Yum. But to be honest I had to force myself to finish the book because of Bria. She was just an idiot. Im all for women being warriors, but that comes with training and time. Neither of which Bria had. She had no right to claim she could fight or that she could take care of herself. She was in trouble within the first couple hours of her being by herself. So just no. A bad character completely ruins a book. I really would have liked the story if it weren't for her.

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