Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review: Lover at Last

Lover at Last Lover at Last by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I have put this series down for awhile after the last book. I hated it and I just couldn't deal. I have been waiting for my library to get the audiobook for this story foreva. They got it in yesterday and I listened to it today. And YAY. I just freaking love Blay and Qhuinn. I love them together. I feel like they are more perfectly matched then some of the other couples and that just makes me a happy reader.

I have read a couple reviews and some people are disappointed with the sex scenes... I am not one of those people. Especially the first time ohhhh weee! I do feel like after the first time there are a few semi cut to black scenes but really there were so many other POVs that is there was detailed sex every time we were in Blay or Qhuinn POV we wouldn't have gotten their story. So I feel like the sex scenes were well rounded with their relationship.

What I absolutely hated about this book was all the freaking POVs... I wanted to have more Blay and Qhuinn but there was so much else going on. Trez, Wraith, Saxon, Layla, Sola, Assail, iAM, Im sure Im missing some.. But my point is... I almost wish that Ward did a Novella... I think that there would be a lot more story than what we actually got from them in this book.

But even with all the other storyline, I loved their romance. I wish they would have sat down and had a real conversation earlier in the book but that's alright. It was nice watching Qhuinn slowly realize who he is and what he wants from live. And then see him change and he doesn't hide it anymore. It was very, very sweet.

I loved the ending. I really want to see more of Sola.. She's the only "side" character that I really liked.. well shit and Trez. I liked him too. Anyways I loved this book. I freaking love Blay and Qhuinn. I loved that they didn't hide anything at the end and I loved that they were openly affectionate with each other. Just freaking adorable.---4.5 Stars!

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